Automotive Simulation Models (ASM)

Project Info:

Real-Time Models for Vehicle Development

ASM is a tool suite for simulating combustion engines, vehicle dynamics, electric components, and the traffic environment. The open Simulink models are used for model-based function development and in ECU tests on a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator.

ASM: Simulation Tool Suite

The ASMs are a tool suite which consists of simulation models for automotive applications that can be combined as needed. The models support a wide spectrum of simulations, starting with individual components like combustion engines or electric motors, to vehicle dynamics systems, up to complex virtual traffic scenarios. The models can be handled easily and intuitively with ModelDesk, the graphical user interface.

Simulation Areas:

  • Combustion engines (gasoline, diesel)
  • Vehicle dynamics (passenger car, truck, trailer)
  • Electric components (motors, batteries, loads)
  • Vehicle environment (road traffic, objects, traffic signs)